Fan Guest Blog Post - Customisation of a SK210LC-10 scale model

Fan Guest Blog Post - Customisation of a SK210LC-10 scale model

Kobelco Fan Daniel Holland tells us about his customisation of a SK210LC-10 scale model and how he did it.

Author: Daniel Holland

Fan customisation - Model : SK210LC-10

I was given this model of the SK210 at the Molson (Kobelco Dealer) stand at the Plantworx show in 2017 and what I have done to it is quite simple but makes the model pop.


Firstly, I handmade a custom boxing ring (handrails) around the top of the machine using 0.8mm brass rods and painted it a fluorescent yellow, this really pops against the blue of the Kobelco machine.


For the attachment I used a GEM Models Xcentric XC30 crusher bucket and I also added hand made flexible hydraulic lines that feed the attachment.

Cab Guard

I have added an industrial scalemodels cab guard which adds great realism to the machine, this also has an orange beacon on top.



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