New USA Spec Models

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New USA Spec Models


Kobelco has a limited number of yellow USA spec models available to buy in the Fanshop.


Models available are:

SK500LC - 1:50

SK260SRLC - 1:43

SK140SRLC - 1:50

SK55SRX - 1:43, available during Galabau exhibition in Germany and live on Fanshop from Monday 17th September.


Go here to buy now


  1. Kobelco Kobelco

    Hi Allen

    These are scale models with a collectors scale of 1:50. They are not electronic at all.



  2. Allen Rodriguez Allen Rodriguez

    I need these in Dubai.where can I order?are these remote controlled?battery operated?or petrol?please reply

  3. Michele Durkin Michele Durkin


    USA do not have a fanshop open to the public. Europe is the main Fanshop for Kobelco and we ship world wide.
    Kobelco Team

  4. Jonathan White Jonathan White

    Interested in SK140SRLC in American colors. What is the best way to go about getting one if I live in the United States? Do you guys have an American fan shop? Thanks!!!

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