SK28SR Kobelco Review

SK28SR Kobelco Review

Read the Kobelco Marketing Team review of the SK28SR scale model in 1:32 scale

SK28SR Scale Model Review 


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For the first time we have a mini scale model from Kobelco.  Read what the Kobelco Europe Marketing team think of this model.


Author: Michele Durkin - Merchandise Manager and Marketing Specialist at Kobelco Europe


When I first heard last year that our colleagues in Japan were going to produce a scale model in 1:32 scale I have to admit that my heart sunk a little.  It did feel we were going back a few years.  When I first started in Kobelco over six years ago there were very few scale models and none in collectors scale of 1:50.


It took a good couple of years to get the first 1:50 scale models and they were an instant success with our Dealers and at events.  It was only by doing events and taking feedback from collectors and customers that we realised we had to change.  Now all our models are produced in 1:50 scale, with Kobelco Europe producing their first models with Conrad in 2015 and we will continue.


However, it is a fine line between meeting the collectors scale and having a model you can actually see detail on and is worth the money.  I know some collectors who will immediately say 'wrong scale' and I understand.  

At Kobelco Europe we have decided to have a policy so that 5.5 ton and above machines will be in 1:50 scale and below this in 1:32.


Looking at the SK28SR scale model my first impression is that actually its very nice!


The SK28SR machine comes with the option of both canopy or cabin, canopy being more popular in warmer countries.  The model comes complete with both cabin and canopy in the box and using a magnetic system you can easily interchange them and they stay in place.  If collectors remember the old model of the SK55SRX, you used to have to hook the canopy into place and it always fell out, this is a great improvement and works well.


The tracks are made of metal and individually linked.



The model comes with authentic movement of the boom, stick and bucket.



How does it fit into the Kobelco line up of 1:50 models ?  See the picture below taken from Kobelco HQ in Almere where we have our own 'collector'.






  1. Michele Durkin Michele Durkin

    Ciao Michele

    Grazie per aver acquistato il modello SK28SR. Spero ti piaccia, l'abbiamo sicuramente fatto qui a Kobelco. Ci piacerebbe che tu scrivessi una recensione per noi.


  2. Michele Michele

    Ho acquistato il modellino, spero che abbia successo per invogliare a investire nella scala 1:32. Prevalentemente dedicata al modellismo agricolo. Appena arriverà scriverò una recensione sul mio blog agrienergy.blogspot. It. Magari prendo spunto dalla vostra recensione. Saluti

  3. Michele Durkin Michele Durkin

    Hi Stef

    We will have at least two more models in 1:50 coming. More next week on that, keep checking the blog.


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