SK500 Production Video

SK500 Production Video

Conrad SK500LC production

SK500LC Video production at Conrad in Germany


Check out the production video we made in May at Conrad to showcase the full production process. 


We are starting at the beginning of the process with:  CAD drawings, tooling, painting, printing and assembly.  See the full video below to see the attention to detail on this model.


We are very proud of this model and the great relationship we have made with Conrad.  Let us know what you think.



  1. Kobelco Kobelco


    We are glad you like it. The process of making the model is really interesting and quite rare to see with most model production in China.

    Michele at Kobelco

  2. A A

    Very interesting to see the whole process, thanks for making this great video..!

    You made the right choice, especially if you decide the SK550DLC version should be modelled too (hopefully!), Conrad definitely can make those high reach machines...

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