Welcome to Kobelco Scale Model Blog

Welcome to Kobelco Scale Model Blog

Kobelco talks about Scale Models

Welcome to the official Kobelco scale model blog

Our current scale models range from 1:24 to 1:50 scale.

Our scale models are available for the first time to buy direct from us online.  Previously our models were only available through our Dealers or at Events, now you can order direct from us anytime. To buy scale models click here.

In April 2017, Kobelco produced its first ever scale models with the collectors scale of 1:50.  We saw the introduction of the SK210LC-10, the silver SK210HLC-10 and the SK200H-10.  The silver Hybrid model coincided nicely with the launch of our Hybrid excavators.

In 2018, Kobelco will produce new scale models and we will talk about the manufacturing process of the models which we aim to photograph and document for you.

This blog is for anyone interested in our machines and scale models.   We aim to give you honest reviews of what the experts think of our models, we also want you to tell us what you think of the models? Do you want to be a guest blogger? Are you interested in diorama?  Send us your reviews, photos or videos of your Kobelco scale models, you can email us at: [email protected] 

Lets start a conversation about Kobelco scale models!



  1. Michele Durkin Michele Durkin

    Hi Paul

    You can purchase scale models from Kobelco Excavator Dealers, their prices may differ from the Fanshop and they may not stock all the scale models we have.

    For Kobelco Excavator Dealers go to : https://www.kobelco-europe.com/dealer-locator/



  2. Kobelco Kobelco

    Hi Steff

    We will have the SK140SRLC-5 end of November! If you have signed up for our newsletter you will be one of the first to know so you can order.



  3. Stef Stef


    A Kobelco sk270SRLC-5 in 1:50 would be awesome! Hope this is one of the new models for 2018. :)


  4. Kobelco Kobelco


    Thank you, we are glad you like it.

    If there are any other topics you would like to see please let us know

  5. Kobelco Kobelco


    We currently have a SK210 in green but the SK200 is not an EU spec machine. It would be interesting to know if any fans are interested in the SK200, SK135 and our yellow USA models ? Let us know.



  6. A A

    Thank you for setting up this blog, such a good start you have here..! The manufacturing process is always interesting too, sounds promising.

    The scale of 1:50 is exactly what many have been waiting for, and the SK210LC-10 seems to be a very nice model.

    I'm eagerly waiting for more 1:50 models, I hope you can now keep the good detail level that the 1:43 models are lacking a bit.

    I'd like to see at least one demolition model (maybe with several attachments) and a short radius model in 1:50, but will be waiting patiently... :-)

    Thanks again..!

  7. Leon Hubers Leon Hubers

    A while ago i found a SK200 in green , is this a special version as you speake only about the SK200 was made in yellow ?

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