Fan Guest Blog Post - Customisation of a SK210LC-10 scale model

Fan Guest Blog Post - Customisation of a SK210LC-10 scale model

Kobelco fan Stef Joosen from the Netherlands sent us his guest blog on how he customised the SK210LC scale model




I have headlights on the cab like most real machines have. In addition, I have colored the grilles of the doors in black so it looks more like there are cavities in the doors like the real machine. I replaced the original tracks with wider ones so that they are 800mm track plates, like many machines in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Because the original buckets with pin fastening are rare in Europe, I went looking for an alternative. I would like to have a CW quick change on the SK210LC and on the SK140SRLC.




As these do not exist in miniature, I started drawing on the computer myself and I drew a quick change and a lot of different containers including sorting grab in 1:50. I had these printed out with shapeways. I have painted the quick couplers and mounted them on both Kobelco's. You can see the result on the photos.


The sorting grab has been fitted with pipes that connect to the original auxiliary hydraulic circuit of the sk210lc.


On the pictures you see that I put both models in a mini diorama. I bought the trees in a miniature shop. I also added a truck with a trailer for the removal of the trees. The SK140SRLC-5 is digging a slot in a small corner, the compactness of the SK140SRLC-5 is perfect!


I hope you find it fun and interesting.

**Due to demand the SK210LC scale model is sold out!




  1. Michele Durkin Michele Durkin

    Hi Hayden

    Nice to hear from a young fan, look out for Black Friday on 29th November and you may be able to get a good discount off a new model!

  2. Hayden Topping Hayden Topping

    I've been a fan of Kobelco machines since I was 4 back in 2008 when I saw an SK210 workinv on a house demo. That christmas, I recieved a model of the SK200 but now it has been through its fair share of mishaps. The only part that still works is the stick and the bucket. Oh well.

  3. Michele Durkin Michele Durkin

    Hi Christian

    Glad you like it. If you have any photos of your machines, please send them to us.

  4. Michele Durkin Michele Durkin

    Hi Nicola

    Glad you like the model. You can buy the SK500LC scale model on our webshop here:

    Let me know if you need help.

    The SK210LC scale model has just sold out! We expect stock of that one in a few weeks.



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