Collectors box

Introducing the SK500LC-10 Collectors box, what's in it and most importantly the benefits of the collectors card and collectors pin.

The Box

Firstly the box!  Larger and a new design for the collectors box, keeping it clean without any model name or machine name on the front.  We wanted it to be very Kobelco in branding and colour and that it stood out from normal scale model boxes.

What's in the box?

Inside the box we have the SK500LC-10 scale model in 1:50 scale, with interchangeable bucket, nibbler and grabber attachments. Comes with a paper spec panel/collectors card and a Kobelco collector pin.

Benefits of collectors cards and collectors pin

Keep the collector card safe as you can use this at future Kobelco events!  Show this card at an event in person and we will either give you a discount off a purchase you wish to make on site or give you a Kobelco Collector present.  This is subject to discretion on the day whether discount or present is given and subject to stock. 

Alternatively, wear your Collector Pin to an event and the same deal as above applies.

Note: if you show both, still only one of the above applies i.e discount or present

We hope to be able to attend more events next year as a Company.  If this is not possible our Dealers who are present in countries across Europe will attend or have events locally in different countries.  We will inform you of any Dealers that are participating at events locally to you in 2021.

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