Expert Review of the SK140SRLC-7 Two Piece Boom


We asked TPPM editor Steven Downes to review our new SK140SRLC-7 scale models, read all about the details below.

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Author: Steven Downes  

Publication: Truck Plant and machinery Model World

Not content with one version, Kobelco has commissioned a second version of the new SK140SRLC-7 tracked excavator from Conrad which has been fitted with a two-piece main boom which is hydraulically adjustable. This is a nice addition to the fast-growing range of Kobelco models and shows that Kobelco are listening to what collectors want in a model.

The boom is not the only difference, as the undercarriage has been fitted with a height adjustable blade. The model uses the same tooling for the main body and cabin castings and still comes with the detachable counterweight. This version is also exclusive, and only available from the Kobelco fanshop.

The second version of the SK140SRLC-7 is fitted with a two-piece hydraulically adjustable boom

The undercarriage of the model is fitted with a height adjustable blade, the collector still has the option to fit the additional counterweight if desired.

The undercarriage has been fitted with a blade which is a nice extra only found on this version.  The model has a full adjustment with all hydraulic lines being replicated. 



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