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We had a chat with Gaz Evans from GEM Models

I recently had a chat with Gaz Evans from GEM Models about his work and what he is up to, have a read below and enjoy the photographs.

I have been following Gaz online for a while on his Facebook and LinkedIn sites and enjoy seeing the different things he is doing to models. From cool attachments, customisation's and display presentations whatever he produces always looks not only professional but interesting.

In these difficult times where we can no longer catch up at events, I gave Gaz a call to have a chat and below is what I found out about him.  

Gaz comes from Wales and was a machine driver/operator for 35 years so knows a bit about machines and understands them from looking and sitting in them every day.  Having always been interested in machinery as a hobby, his hobby soon became a full time business a few years ago and he now sells world-wide.  When he first started everything he did was handmade, now a days he is using  3D printing and metal  to make his attachments, which is faster to keep up with the demand. 

Our UK Dealer Molson buys these customised models for some of their customers who have purchased a machine and having seen the great displays and customisations that Gaz does for Molson and Plantforce, he has given me a few ideas for our Kobelco models.

Below are some of our favourite Kobelco models that Gaz has customised.

I found out that Gaz’s first model that he customised was a CAT375 model.

You can find GEM models online at

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