Genuine kobelco scale models

Why it's important to know where your scale models come from

When you buy a model on an online site do you know its genuine or where it has come from?

The answer is you cannot be sure its genuine unless you look at the seller or where you are buying from.

We see lots of online shops selling Kobelco scale models at the moment.  I have to tell you most are rejects being sold from the factories in China without permission, some are good copies.

The ED160BR-5 is a prime example, being sold for €18 online recently.  This is way below our cost price, so where is this stock from?  Kobelco has an exclusive contract with ROS.  This model is only available at Kobelco Fanshop, buy it anywhere else you take the risk. 

Let me be clear, there are no Kobelco re-sellers who we sell our models to, we don't offer this service.  Conrad have permission to sell the SK500LC-10 and the SK850LC-10E only.

If you see a model on a site that is selling for half the retail price, question it.  It's most likely a reject or a copy and not a genuine Kobelco scale model. This goes for any brand you buy.  The investment to make a scale model is huge so we want all collectors to be able to buy and know it is genuine.

Kobelco has a large Excavator Authorised Dealership throughout Europe and these Dealers can be contacted to purchase from if they have stock.

If anyone is in doubt on whether a model is genuine or not, contact Kobelco directly via our contact form on our Fanshop.

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