Kobelco Scale Model update

Find out the news of the current stock situation and what's happening this year

Newsletter survey answers

Last month we did a blog post on Gaz Evans and as he gave me lots of ideas while talking to him. We included in the blog a survey for collectors to tell us what they would like to see in a 'collectors special' if we were to make one.  Thanks to all who gave their feedback.

We thought you may like to see the results of that survey.  See below chart of answers.  As you can see the most popular answers were  'more demolition models' and 'attachments'.

Here at Kobelco, we also  like the idea of a 2 piece boom model as its something we have not made before and we are in talks about this at the moment!

Model 2020 Update 

We had a lot of plans for this year with lots of events in different countries.  Unfortunately Covid 19 changed all our marketing plans upside down as you can imagine.  Working at a head office for Europe, we slowly saw nearly all of our European Countries going into lock down, ourselves included here in the Netherlands with events cancelled or postponed until the end of the year or next year.

This meant plans we had to start on models had to be put on hold until we were sure manufacturers could open safely and we could talk to them.  We are thankful for video calls!


The SK140SRLC-7 machine launched in April so perfect timing for us to also produce a scale model to celebrate a new generation. 

A 2-Piece Boom version  will also be developed alongside the standard SK140SRLC.

We expect this model at the end of the year.

Collectors Box 

Limited edition collectors boxes will launch end of the year - more information to come on which model and what will be included (we already have good ideas from you)

Scale Model Stock

The only thing I can say about our scale model stock is that it has been selling out faster than toilet roll!

We do have back orders that we have been waiting a long time for and we hope by the end of June/beginning of July that we are fully stocked again.  Apologies for the delay and frustration as we have received a lot of emails about the stock.

As we receive the below stock we will send out a newsletter post to inform you. 

  • SK75SR-7 - green and yellow - begin of July
  • SK350LC-10 - green and yellow - begin of July 
  • SK380XD - green - due end of June 
  • SK400D - green and yellow
  • SK28SR - green - due end of June

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