SK140SRD Expert Review

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Author: Steven Downes
Publication: Truck, Plant & Machinery World

While tracked excavators can be equipped with any number of different attachments to undertake a multitude of tasks, machine manufacturers also produce specialist machines, designed for a particular task and with Kobelco, that includes their range of “Demolition and Dismantling” excavators which are specifically designed for a dedicated purpose.

Based on the SK140SR is the SK140SRD, a machine specifically developed for the processing of end-of-life vehicles, fitted with an option of multi-dismantling clamp (both vertical and horizontal movement), or car dismantling clamp (vertical movement only) affixed to the undercarriage which allows the excavator to hold the vehicle while the operator gets to work stripping out the various components with the nibbler attachment. The clamp has teeth to separate heads and transmissions from engine blocks, pullers to remove instrumentation from wires and harnesses, grips to hold components for further processing and an anchor to bend longer items easily.

A 1:50th scale model produced by Motorart of the smallest vehicle dismantling machine in the range is now available from the Kobelco fanshop and joins its bigger brother, the SK210D. The SK140SRD-5 is based on the short radius SK140 and as such, shares a number of parts with the addition of a multi-dismantling clamp fitted to the undercarriage which allows the machine to grip vehicles while the nibbler attachment strips out the various components for recycling. The clamp fitted to the undercarriage has the ability to open and close, as well as having height adjustment to hold the vehicle in position and this is implemented convincingly on the model. It is interesting that the SK210 has flat track pads to prevent excessive damage to the ground while on the SK140SRD, it is fitted with the regular triple-grouser pads.

The cabin is fitted with front screen protection and has a standard boom and arm configuration. The nibbler attachment has full rotational movement and the jaws are floating, allowing for optimum precision. Flexible hydraulic lines have been added for the attachment which adds to the realism although the circuits are not complete between the arm and boom which is a shame. The additional weight of the clamp when raised makes the model a little unstable when the arm is fully extended although it doesn’t topple over. It is great to see Kobelco commission the more unusual machines from its portfolio and it will be interesting to see what other models are planned for the future.

Close up features of the Cabin and Tracks

The undercarriage is fitted with standard triple-grouser pads.  The cabin has been fitted with a full screen protective guard.

The nibbler attachment has 360-degree rotation with both jaws capable of being moved.

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