Expert Review of the SK210LC-11

We asked Steven Downes from Truck Plant and Machinery Model World to review the SK210LC-11 scale model, read below his thoughts.

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Author: Steven Downes

Publication: Truck Plant and machinery Model World


The Kobelco SK210LC tracked excavator is a very popular sized machine, tipping the scales between 22 and 24.5 ton depending on configuration. Powered by a HINO 4-cylinder diesel engine adhering to Stage V exhaust emissions, it is both fuel efficient while providing plenty of power to get the job done.


Kobelco have an active scale model program and it is no surprise that the SK210 has been modelled before, with Motorart producing a good model of the previous generation. This time round, German model manufacturer Conrad GmbH have been commissioned to produce the latest generation, the SK210LC-11 which they have done with their usual flair, producing a very detailed and impressively engineered 1:50th scale model which is reviewed here.


Conrad have always been known for making models that capture the range of movement of the equipment being modelled and the same can be said for the SK210 with the boom, stick and bucket linkage having a very good, authentic range of movement with hydraulic lines adding to the overall effect, featuring plastic for the fixed lines and flexible material for the hoses. Even the auxiliary hydraulic circuits have been added with the ram ends and rivets painted for that extra level of detail.

The body design has panel lines indented into the surfaces with printing used to good effect for the cooling grill perforations. Small details, like the camera housings and counterweight lifting eyes have been modelled, as has the metal safety railing on the side of the body for access to the engine compartment.


The undercarriage has track frames which have the lower roller detailing integrated into the casting with a pair of raised upper rollers and a textured access step with sprung idler wheels that keep the individually linked metal track pads taut, while still allowing them to roll fairly freely.

The cabin interior deserves mention with the two-colour interior construction highlighting the interior panelling with the joystick controls, foot pedals, steering levers and safety cut-off all replicated, while the exterior has a roof window with protective screen, sun visor, aerial and self-fit rear-view mirror. 

The range of movement of the digging equipment is authentic to the original.

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