SK210D Expert Review

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The SK210D scale model launched in late 2019, read what an expert thinks of the model below.

Author: Steven Downes
Publication: Truck, Plant & Machinery World 

The SK210D-10 is based on the standard excavator with an upgraded undercarriage and specialist equipment purposed for the dismantling of vehicles. To this aim, it is fitted with a nibbler attachment which can pick and rip out various components in the vehicle while the clamping arm attached to the undercarriage keeps the vehicle stable.

The 1:50th scale model is an improvement in terms of the detail level over the standard SK210 model with most of the rivet and pin heads painted over and the ends of the rams also painted to match the body colour. The main body castings look to be the same, however printing has been used to better highlight the cooling grills. The cabin is a new casting which includes differences to the roof panel and also the use of printing again to highlight the various window seals. There is a different interior which is nice to see and the front screen protector gives the cabin a larger overall appearance.

The undercarriage for the model incorporates the Auto-Dismantling clamp which is a fixed design that is height adjustable, with the shape conforming to allow vehicles to be held down as the operator rips out components. This has two raised anvils and protruding teeth on the underside to get a good grip, using the weight of the excavator to keep the scrapped vehicle in place. This has been implemented with covers over the hydraulics and a good range of movement. The track frames are fitted with a different style of track pad which has smooth surfaces with indents representing the fixing bolts.  The arm has additional hydraulic lines fitted which is nice to see, although the circuit is not completed due to the boom being the same as the standard excavator, so the added lines are missing. Even so, it is a nice compromise to add the extra detail with flexible lines connecting to the head of the nibbler attachment which has opening jaws that are dual purpose, having shear cutting plates in the throat and narrow pointed ends for gripping.

The attachment body will rotate through 360-degrees and the boom, arm and linkage have an authentic range of movement and are smooth in operation. It is always good to see models released of the more specialist equipment, and with a model of the SK140D car dismantler coming soon, Kobelco have a varied model offering.

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