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The popular SK350LC-10, produced by Motorart has been selling since March and is proving to be popular with fans and operators.  Read the expert opinion from Steven Downes.

Author: Steven Downes
Publication: Truck, Plant & Machinery Model World Magazine

Following on from the SK210LC and SK140SR models, the latest release has plenty of realism, authentically capturing the range of movement of the real machine with all rivet and pin heads covered over with paint which is a nice touch. Hydraulic lines have been added, including grey coloured flexible lines between boom and stick to simulate armoured lines.

Interestingly, there are 6 lines needed however on the back of the boom, only 4 are modelled. The general-purpose digging bucket has tooth and side cutter detailing and the stick is modelled on the longest available.

The grills on the sides of the body have an inset grill pattern which is highlighted well with black printing, and the standard of the paint finish and graphic printing is very high throughout although the panel handles have not been highlighted. The track frames are fairly simple with tensioned idler frames pressing against the track chain to keep it taut, while allowing it to rotate well. The pads are of a triple grouser design and even here, tiny bolt heads are visible.

The safety railing leading to the upper service area incorporates two mirrors with a mirror also integral to the grab rail fitted to the cab frame, all of which are produced in metal.

The cabin interior is finished in a light grey colour with a dark seat and armrests which incorporate the joystick hand controls with levers also fitted for the track controls. The hydraulic safety cut-off has been modelled but is missing the red handle colouring, and behind the cabin in the service area, raised anti-slip mats do not have any highlighting. The windows are clearly glazed with printing used for the window seals with a front fitted screen wiper arm finishing off the cabin features.

The model is a good addition to the quickly growing range and some of the tooling has been utilised in the production of the Asian spec SK380XDLC-10.

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