SK500 Collectors Box Expert Review

Kobleco SK500LC-10 Collectors box review - Now sold out

We asked TPPM editor Steven Downes to review our limited edition Collectors Box, read what he has to say below. 

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Author: Steven Downes
Publication: Truck Plant and machinery Model World

Kobelco Collector Box

Kobelco have released their first limited edition “Collector Box” model, consisting of the SK500LC-10 tracked excavator in a specially printed box which has a foam inner with the model presented along with a set of different attachments which fit onto the model. Also in the box is a collector card and a “Kobelco Collector” badge.

The collector card is an interesting addition which can be used as a loyalty card at a Kobelco event in person for a discount on a future purchase or a collector present, a nice idea which will become more relevant once trade shows start up again. The back of the card has some specifications of the SK500 machine. The card does not have any details on the number of models produced and it would be good to see individual serialisation of the model, maybe something that will happen for the next limited-edition release.

As for the model, the standard release SK500LC-10 has been fitted with a quick coupler, allowing one of three different attachments to be fitted, using the included plastic pin. The attachments consist of a toothed digging bucket, sorting grab and concrete pulveriser. The attachments are existing tooling from the Conrad portfolio and do look good once fitted to the model, particularly the pulveriser.

Only 300 models have been produced and are selling fast, so anyone wanting to add the model to their collection needs to do so sooner rather than later. It will be interesting to see what future “Collector Box” models are released and Kobelco already have a number of interesting ideas which they are thinking over, with at least one collector box release each year.

The Kobelco SK500LC-10 with coupler and attachments, presented in a nice printed “Collector Edition” box

The base model with quick coupler, allows different tools to be fitted. The sorting grab does look good fitted to the model

My favourite attachment is the pulveriser, turning the model into a demolition machine

No model is complete without a bucket

It is good to see different attachments included with a model

The “Limited Collector Edition” card, doubling as a loyalty card which is a nice touch

The back of the collector card shows specifications of the machine.

The metal badge is another nice addition which can be worn at events, who knows, it might get you a free coffee.

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