SK850LC-10E Expert Review

The latest expert review of the SK850LC-10E

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The SK850LC-10E scale model launched at Bauma and was an instant hit and sell-out.  Read an experts review of the model below.

Author: Steven Downes
Publication: Truck, Plant & Machinery model World

The Kobelco SK850LC-10E is the largest tracked excavator in the line-up, tipping the scales between 80 and 86 ton depending on the configuration. Power is provided by a Hino E13CYM-KSDB 6-cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine that complies with EU Stage V exhaust emission regulations. The machine was unveiled at the 2019 Bauma trade show and it is no surprise that a 1:50th scale model of the flagship machine was produced and available from the Fan Shop during the event. Over the 7 days, all 275 pieces of the first production run were sold and a second production run has now been completed with one difference over the original release.

Conrad did a great job in realising the SK500LC-10 so it is no surprise that they were invited to produce the SK850, and it keeps up with the standard introduced with the SK500, whereby all rivet heads have been painted and the ends of the pistons have been coloured, just like with the real machine.

The undercarriage is fixed in the widest position and, unlike the SK500, is not extendable. The wide stance gives the model a sturdy base and the amount of metal used in the construction gives the model a hefty weight when holding it in your hands. The track frames have all the lower roller detailing integrated into the track frame castings with two upper rollers and a sprung idler wheel keeping the tracks tensioned enough to allow them to rotate while not being loose. Two sets of access ladders are fitted to each track frame and the pads fitted to the model are of a double grouser design and are fairly narrow.

The main body is a crisply cast piece with slots integral to the side panel and on the upper panel which give a nice three-dimensional look to the grills while on the opposite side, the main radiator grills have been finished in a metallic silver colour which differs from the grey of the first production batch. Printing is used to accentuate some of the grills along with the anti-slip panels on the upper areas of the engine compartment. The cabin shares the same increased level of detail that first appeared with the SK500 in that the interior is a multi-colour affair with nicely shaped joystick controls, tracking levers and the hydraulic cut-off which even has a red painted tip.

The hydraulic lines fitted to the model are a combination of body coloured plastic and flexible black hoses with printing used to good effect with the transition between blue and black piping on the back of the boom. The stick is finished with several auxiliary hydraulic circuits which is great to see, allowing various suitable aftermarket attachments to be fitted by removing the bucket. Speaking of the bucket, it has nicely shaped teeth and side cutter detailing with the linkage achieving an authentic range of movement. Metal grab rails and safety railings increase the level of realism and the paint finish is of a high standard with crisply printed Kobelco markings. Out of the box, all the collector needs to do is fit the mirror which clips onto the grab rail integrated into the cabin frame. A limited-edition version of the model finished in a yellow decoration for the US market has also been produced. 

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