SK1300DLC-10 Ultra Long Spec Scale Model

SK1300DLC-10 Ultra Long Spec Scale Model

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Kobelco launched its 130 ton purpose build building demolition model SK1300DLC-10E in 2022.

This machine is designed for easy transport and high performance in jobsites with demolition requirements ranging between -9 to 40 meter pin height. The SK1300DLC is a common base machine available with several boom variations.

This scale model is the variation: 40M Ultra Long Spec.

It duplicates removable undercarriage which is a trans lift type.


Product information:

- Model with fine moving metal tracks

- Completely new developed demolition arm with numerous functional parts, cylinders, and fine hydraulic lines

- Elastic hose lines mounted between the arm segments

- Track frames removable, basic model can be placed on supports

- Cabin can be tilted, circulation on cabin and superstructure enclosed on left side

- Railing and rear weight enclosed for self-assembly

- Boom configuration 4-piece ultra long 40M

- Demolition tongs functionally implemented and firmly connected to demolition style

- Accessories for self-assembly enclosed


Manufactured by: Conrad

Material: Metal

Scale: 1:50

Weight: 2.27 kg