SK400DLC-10 Demolition Scale Model - Arrived

SK400DLC-10 Demolition Scale Model - Arrived

The new SK400DLC-10 Demolition scale model just arrived!



Arriving just in time for Christmas after a production delay, we can finally tell you that the SK400DLC-10 Next System scale model is in stock and available to buy here.


Complete with Nibbler and NEXT system in 1:50 scale this is the model that we know collectors have been waiting for. 


Coming soon we will have what the experts think of the model with a full honest review and if you are a fan buying then please also pass on your comments and photographs/diaroma and let us know.


  1. Michele Durkin Michele Durkin

    Hi Barry

    At the moment we dont have any crane models available. There are developments for new crane models happening, but will be another year before ready. Once we know for certain what is going ahead we will post about it. Covid delayed alot of our projects unfortunately.

  2. Michele Durkin Michele Durkin

    Hi John

    Currently just had a first show of a model and confirming the others. Let you know soon.

  3. Michele Durkin Michele Durkin

    Hi Gio

    We have just sold out again on this model. We are hoping for new stock in the next few weeks.

  4. Giò Giò

    Hello. Have you any information about sk400dlc. I can't see it in the list, but I would like to buy. Let me know. Bye.

  5. John Walters John Walters

    Hi Michele
    Thanks for the update, good news. Hopefully you have a new demolition model in there.

  6. Michele Durkin Michele Durkin

    Hi John

    Thanks for your message. We are all well here at Kobelco thanks.

    Update coming next week!

  7. John Walters John Walters

    Hi guys
    Hope you are all safe and well in these difficult times. Have you any news on this years new models?

  8. Demolition Experts Demolition Experts

    Superbly written article, if only all bloggers offered the same content as you, the internet would be a far better place.

  9. John John

    Hi All
    Have you any plans for any more Demolition models after the excellent SK400D. Also have you plans for more excavator model in 2020?

  10. Michele Durkin Michele Durkin

    Hi Sharon

    The SK400DLC-10 has sold out. New stock will be available early March due to chinese New Year, there will be a small delay.


    Kobelco Team

  11. sharon sumner sharon sumner

    Can you please advise if your will be receiving any further stock of the model SK400D, if so when do you think this will arrive?

  12. Michele Durkin Michele Durkin

    Hi Nick

    We are waiting to find out, we will update the blog when we know.


    Kobelco Team

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